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Air Flights

As the only Spanish based incentive company which can also offer a private air charter brokerage service, Premiere Services is the answer to all your travel requirements.
With contacts to over 700 aircrafts and helicopters, excellent relationships with both small and large airlines and a vast & varied experience in this field, we can offer you the very best charter solution every time. For passenger or freight transport to any airport around the globe we can provide the most suitable aircraft or helicopter.
Contact us and we will be able to tell you instantly if an individual private charter is the most suitable and economical solution to your travel needs.

  • Professional and unbiased advice
  • Quick response time
  • Corporate branding at check-in and on aircraft
  • Company logo displayed on aircraft
  • Personalized customized catering at boarding gate and on board aircraft
  • Executive coach and VIP transfers to and from airports
  • Personal security
  • Professional experienced staff


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Premiere Services Spain S.L. ·
Spain Contact Tel: (+34) 661 281842
Ireland Contact Tel: (+353) 861 704055

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